Hi, I am a full stack developer who works at Epimorphics. I’m interested in SRE, Automation and Cloud native technologies. Here you will find the projects I am working on and any blog posts I may write.

Deploying Hugo with Travis CI

2019-06-29 | permalink

This blog is built with Hugo, and I wanted a simple way to build and then deploy it with Ansible. To do this I used Travis CI, this is relatively simple, but isn’t documented very well. So Here I’ll show you how I did it. First up, you want a Hugo site, get started here. One simple thing that may immediately break in Travis is themes as submodules. Travis can’t deal with ssh submodules, so check your .

Arduino Volume Meter

2019-06-22 | permalink

I’ve recently upgraded to a Audio Technica AT2020 so I can use better headphones on my home computer. Having a freestanding microphone does have its difficulties though. Keeping track of how loud I am coming through to friends is hard when I can move away from the microphone. To solve this I built an Arduino volume meter. Here I’ll go over how it works. I wanted an excuse to write some rust and the availablity of the winapi crate seemed like a good opportunity to give it go.